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Wednesday, 7 July 1915

Senator GARDINER - There is not enough party motive to have Bills of this kind pushed forward as are other Bills. I shall be pleased to postpone any clause in which the fire or life insurance companies are interested-

Senator Lt Colonel O'LOGHLIN (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) -Colonel Sir AlbertGould. - They are interested in all of them.

Senator GARDINER - But there are some which, when we reach them, I can definitely announce the intention of the Government not to alter. For instance, the Government intend to stand by clause 76, which provides that the acceptance by a life insurance company of a premium in respect of the second year of insurance shall be regarded as an admission of age by the company. We shall, therefore, be in just as good a position now as afterwards to deal with debatable clauses of that character, because I can definitely announce the intention of the Government to stand by their principle, with any reasonable improvement that can be shown to be desirable.

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