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Friday, 25 June 1915

Senator PEARCE (Western Australia) (Minister of Defence) . - On behalf of the Government, and honorable senators upon this side of the Chamber, I desire to associate myself with the sentiments which you, sir, have expressed. Speaking personally, I can say that very soon after the commencement of my parliamentary career I came into personal contact with Mr. Upward in the discharge of my parliamentary duties. I was a member of the Select Committee which inquired into the question of the desirableness or otherwise of providing increased facilities in connexion with the mail and passenger service between Australia and Tasmania. Mr. Upward acted as secretary of that Committee, and I had many opportunities of judging of his worth as a public servant. His courtesy to honorable senators has been unvarying, and he has at all times endeavoured to do his duty as a public servant should do it. He is now retiring from the Service not because his energy is failing, for I think it will be recognised that there are many years of useful work before him as a citizen of the Commonwealth. I am sure that he will give to the Commonwealth in his capacity as a private citizen the same energy which he has exhibited in his capacity as a public servant. I am glad, sir, that you afforded us this opportunity before Mr. Upward's departure from our midst to say a few words in recognition of his services, and to wish him publicly good health and success in his career as a private' citizen. I am sure that we have appreciated our acquaintance with Mr. Upward, which, in my case, has. become a personal friendship that I trust will continue, notwith standing the break in our official relations. J. hope that Mr. Upward will have many years of health and strength with which to enjoy the well-deserved rest from his public duties.

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