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Thursday, 24 June 1915

Senator GRANT - This Parliament has very properly chosen to direct its at'tention to necessary legislation apart from war legislation. But if I thought that anything which w© are now doing would interfere in the slightest degree with our war efforts, I would not give it a moment's countenance. The Age newspaper has controlled the affairs of Victoria so long that this is the only State in which the Labour party are not in office. It is the only black spot in the Commonwealth in which the Conservatives -rule

Senator Bakhap - The Age has given the Commonwealth Ministry a lot of support.

Senator GRANT - What is the Age doing? What is this great Victorian newspaper in Collins-street, which is run by a man named Schuler doing? If one looks at its business columns to-day, he will find that it is very strongly in favour of the motto, " Business as usual." I measured up its advertisements this morning, and I found that about seven of its pages consisted of solid advertisement matter, for which about 7s. per inch is paid. The Age desires this Parliament to close down on all business except busi ness relating to the war. It is up to the Age, therefore, to close down on all advertisements, and to devote its columns to war matter exclusively. Similarly the Daily Telegraph, Sydney, comprises seven and a half pages of advertising matter, all of which is charged for at the rate of 5s. or 6s. per inch.

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