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Thursday, 24 June 1915

Senator RUSSELL - I do not think the Minister complained of the Opposition,, but he did complain of the newspapers.

Senator Lt Colonel Sir ALBERT GOULD - The members of the Opposition are just as eager and anxious to do what is best in the interests of the Empire as is any honorable senator opposite. We are all, I hope, animated with the one desire. We are told that in the Labour Caucus warm discussions take place, but whatever differences of opinion occur there, the moment an attack is made on the party, every member of it sinks his differences with his fellows, in order to protect the party against the assaults of its political enemies. We speak now in the interests of the Empire, and it is wise to throw aside all merely party questions, and bend our energies to the one subject. Whether the referenda proposals are good or ill, whether they ought to be passed or not, the fact remains that they have caused a strong divergence of opinion amongst the people, and amongst parties in the Houses. If we are to direct all our attention to the question of maintaining the integrity and independence of our Empire, as we should do, we cannot afford to quarrel with one another on matters of minor importance - and, indeed, everything else is of minor importance.

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