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Friday, 11 June 1915

The PRESIDENT - Order 1

Senator GRANT - I find from the report of the Public Works Committee, of the 27th May, that- in regard to material, it was ascertained in evidence Chat the 'factory has sufficient steel in hand and on the water to enable it to double its output for twelve months without exhausting its stock, by which time the agents who supply the steel are sanguine that -further supplies can be obtained.

It is evident from that that there is no difficulty about the supply of steel.

Senator Pearce - There was not at the time that report -was written. That steel was obtained because of the shortage.

Senator GRANT - The report says that there is sufficient steel in hand.

Senator Pearce - There is now.

Senator Millen - What is the date of the Committee's report?

Senator GRANT - The 27th May.

Senator Millen - At that date Mr. Wright was still reporting that a second shift was not possible.

Senator Pearce - Yes; but for other reasons. Previous to that the want of material was one of the reasons.

Senator GRANT - There is no lack of timber required for the rifles, and there is certainly no lack of men. It has been a complete puzzle to me to know why a second shift was not put on.

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