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Friday, 11 June 1915

Senator MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - I desire, by leave, to make a personal explanation. Yesterday, in discussing the Supply Bill, a difference of opinion arose -between Senator Russell and myself as to my rendering of - a statement which I had assumed he had made. He objected to my interpretation, and in conformity with a direction from the Chair I withdrew it. I have since looked through the Hansard proof, and whilst yesterday I withdrew my remark in conformity with the request of the Chairman, I now do so absolutely. I find, curiously, that there is no reference in the report to the statement which Senator Russell made, either in the form in which he rendered it or in the form in which I interpreted it. It is a curious omission; probably the Hansard reporter did not catch the remark. I accept the assurance of Senator Russell that I was incorrect. I would say, in justification, that although his statement is not reported, his affirmation later on of what he did say is reported, aa also Senator Gardiner's reference to the statement which appears to have been omitted. However, I quite frankly and without any reservation accept Senator Russell's statement that my interpretation of his utterance was incorrect.

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