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Friday, 28 May 1915

The PRESIDENT - I desire to allude to the matter which was brought up by Senator Keating as regards asking questions and giving notice. In the Senate the practice always has been to have the notice revised to see that it is in proper form before it goes to the Government Printer, and to get three or four proofs back as soon as possible. These are then made available for the secretaries of the Departments concerned. The difficulty would not be got over by doing as the Minister suggests, namely, that members should hand in notices of questions in duplicate, because our Standing Orders provide that only questions which are put in a certain form are admissible. Those questions have to be revised before they are allowed to go on the notice-paper, and it is only after this has been done that they are passed for the Government Printer. I think the practice of getting proof copies from the Government Printer and having them available for the secretaries will meet all requirements.

Question resolved in the affirmative. Senate adjourned at 11.62 a.m.

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