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Friday, 28 May 1915

Senator PEARCE (Western Australia) (Minister of Defence) - I move -

That the Senate at its rising adjourn till Wednesday,9th June.

On referring to the notice-paper honorable senators will see that there is practically only one item of business for theSenate to go on with, and that is the Insurance Bill. I understand that certainrepresentations are being made to the Attorney-General's Department which it inadvisable that the Government should have an opportunity to consider, and I donot doubt that honorable senators themselves will be glad of a further opportunity to look into the Bill. In view of the fact that certain representations arebeing made by interested parties, and of the rate of progress made with the Estimates, I think it is very improbable that we could get the Appropriation Bill for the current year here next week. We have been hoping against hope, but itdoes not seem possible that we can receive the Bill by that time.

Senator Keating - We may get the Estimates before the 30th June.

Senator PEARCE - We may. I think that if we adjourn until the 9th June we should then have the Estimates here, and be able to dispose of them and of other urgent business that there may be, and adjourn until such time as it is necessary for the Senate to meet in order to pass Supply for July, and proceed with any proposed legislatiou which will then be ready for us. I realize that it may not suit the convenience of all honorable senators to have an adjournment for only a week, but I point out to them that we would have to pass a Supply Bill or the Estimates before the end of June, and therefore it is mecessary for us to meet again before that date, as we only have Supply now up to the middle of June.

Senator de Largie - We should thank God that we have that much power left to us.

Senator PEARCE - I trust it will be understood that I am trying to meet the convenience of honorable senators, and that it is necessary to meet in June. I hope that by that time we will have the Estimates and be able to pass them and then adjourn until such time as the Senate will have business to go on with.

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