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Thursday, 20 May 1915

Senator LONG (TASMANIA) - Has the attention of the Leader of the Senate been directed to the following report in to-day's Age of a meeting which was held in Geelong on Wednesday?

At the half-yearly meeting of the Loyal Orange Institution of Victoria, which was opened here to-day, a lengthy resolution was unanimously carried, in which the righteousness of Britain's cause in the war, the magnificent courage and unflinching bravery of the Australian soldiers and sailors' at the Dardanelles, and the splendid response of the North of Ireland to the country's" call, were referred to. Grief was expressed at the deaths of several notable Orangemen. The concluding clause of the resolution was as follows : - " We recognise that this in great part is a religious war, originating on the one hand in the revolt of the heroic Servian people against the attempt of the Vatican to deprive them of their civil and religious liberty, and, on the other hand, in an effort of the Papacy to punish the French nation for throwing off her bondage to the Roman Catholic Church. We believe the responsibility of thus again deluging Europe with blood lies at the door of the Vatican in this greatest and, we pray, last effort to regain her lost temporal power, but an effort in which few, if any, of her lay adherents have any sympathy or part-

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