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Friday, 14 May 1915

Senator GARDINER - In the first of the proposed new sections the honorable senator uses the words " whether successful or not."

Senator DE LARGIE - That refers to the applicant's success or otherwise in securing the licence after he has succeeded in his application for the suspension of the patent. I consider the amendment a really necessary one, and one to which the Government can take no exception. Under it, whoever may get the licence will be able to work the patent, and the applicant for the suspension of the patent, though he may not secure the licence, will not have his work for nothing.

Senator Russell - How would he collect his costs?

Senator DE LARGIE - That is a matter for the successful applicant to decide for himself.

Senator Bakhap - The honorable senator is proposing to give him only a dead sea apple, after all.

Senator DE LARGIE - If Senator Bakhap were aware of the substantial position of the German company to which I have referred, he would not say that.

Senator Russell - The costs could be collected later on.

Senator DE LARGIE - That is so. I am submitting an amendment which, should encourage people to do useful work of this kind, as they would know that they might have recourse to theCourts of the country to recover their expenses in successfully applying for the suspension of enemy patents. I have made a reasonable proposal, which I think the Government should accept.

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