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Thursday, 13 May 1915

Senator PEARCE - Certainly. If information is supplied to the Department of any meeting of enemy subjects, steps are at once taken to verify it, and if it is found that enemy subjects are meeting together, a search of the premises follows, and also of the premises of the persons attending such meeting. In a number of cases action of that kind has been taken, and in some the persons concerned have been interned. If the honorable senator, or any one who has correspondence with him, has information of that character in his possession, I trust that he, or they, will at once bring it under the notice of the Defence Department.

Senator O'KEEFE - Does the reply refer to German clubs, which are said to be holding their usual meetings in some of the largest centres? Is any control being exercised over the meetings or proceedings of those assemblies, or has the Department any knowledge of what takes place there?

Senator PEARCE - Yes. In a number of cases the action I have outlined has already been taken. In quit© a number of instances German clubs have been raided and searched.

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