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Thursday, 6 May 1915

Senator BARNES (VICTORIA) - Can the Minister of Defence say whether the order which debars the officers of universal trainees holding commissions in the Australian Citizen Force from holding commissions in the Australian Imperial Force is a Ministerial or a military order; and what was the reason for such order ?

Senator PEARCE - It is both a military and a Ministerial order; that is to say, it is a recommendation of the Mili tary Board approved of by the Minister. It does not debar an officer holding acommission in the Australian Citizen Force from holding a commission in the Australian Imperial Force; but it does not give him a right to a commission in the latter. Officers holding commissions in the Australian Citizen Force can apply, and are eligible, to hold commissions in the Australian Imperial Force; but as there are more officers holding commissions in the Citizen Force than are required for the Australian Imperial Force a selection has to be made, and the selection is made by a Selection Committee in each military district, who choose the officer they think most suitable, and recommend him to the Commandant, who sends the recommendation on to the Military Board, with his indorsement or otherwise, and the Military Board then make a recommendation to the Minister.

Senator ALBERT GOULD (NEW SOUTH WALES) -Colonel Sir ALBERTGOULD.- Is the Minister of Defence aware that one of the motor carts belonging to the City of Sydney Corporation, and generally used for the removal of garbage, is now in use for conveying clothing for the troops from the factory to the camp; if not, will he cause inquiries to be made, and, if found to be so used, also ascertain whether the cart had been either cleaned or disinfected immediately prior to such use so as to destroy the germs with which it would probably be teeming?

Senator PEARCE - I have no knowledge of the matter, but shall have inquiries made

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