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Wednesday, 21 April 1915

Senator MILLEN (New South Wales) . - I do not intend to oppose the motion ; but I hope the Minister will endeavour so to order the business that, when we assemble here to do work, some reasonable programme will be prepared for our consideration. I make all allowance for the emergencies which may necessitate the introduction by the Go vernment of special legislation; but after the somewhat lengthy recess we might have hoped, on re-assembling to do business, that something more serious would be demanded of us than to meet for two or three hours and adjourn. The Minister might either have business ready for us or refrain from calling us together. It seems to me that, no matter what may happen this week, the Senate will not transact more business than could have been properly done in two days. It would be just as well for the Government to recognise that fact, and not to call honorable senators here for three days when there is. only business sufficient to occupy them for two days. I express the hope that for the rest of this session, if there is to be a shortage of work, honorable, senators will be told that there is no business for them to do, and, therefore, they need not attend. For any honorable senators to travel here a long distance to do a couple of hours work, and then to adjourn, is, to my mind, reducing what should be serious work to something in the nature of a farce. I trust that in the future when we are called here we shall find something to do.

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