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Wednesday, 21 April 1915

Senator READY (TASMANIA) asked the Minister of Defence, upon notice -

1.   Arc uniform prices paid for military requirements commandeered from the various woollen mills in the Commonwealth ?

2.   Will the Minister lay on the table of the library a return showing (a) the amounts paid to the woollen mills for the various products commandeered; (b) the rates of wages paid to the operatives in the various mills?

Senator PEARCE - The answers are : -

1.   Yes. 2. (a) Cloth, khaki, waterproof, 25 oz., 7s. 2d. per yard.

Cloth and serge, khaki, 18 oz., 6s. per yard.

Cord, khaki, 12 oz., 4s. 6d. per yard.

Flannel,1s. 4½d. per yard.

Blankets, 12s. 9d. each.

(b)   In New South Wales and Victoria the wages are laid down by the Woollen Trade Board and the Textile Workers Award respectively. In Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania there are no awards, and except incase of Ipswich Woollen Mills no details are to hand re rates of wages. These will be procured when contract documents are completed. There are no woollen mills in Western Australia.

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