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Friday, 18 December 1914

The PRESIDENT - Before putting the motion I desire, first of all, on my own behalf, to thank the Minister of Defence and Senator Millen for the kindly references they have made to me and to the conduct of business in the Senate during the session. I have endeavoured to discharge the duties devolving on me as fairly and as impartially as I could, and to protect the interests and rights of every individual senator. If I have in any way fallen short of that ideal, it has not been from any want of will to attain it. I shall always do my best to maintain good relations between the members of the Senate. I thank honorable senators for their kindly assistance and cordial co-operation, which has made what would otherwise have been an onerous task a light and pleasing duty. On behalf of the staff of the Senate, who cannot express their opinions on the floor of this Chamber, I thank the Minister of Defence, Senator Millen, and honorable senators on both sides for the kindly way in which the; have been referred to, and for the kindly treatment which has always been meted out to the officers and servants of the Senate and the Hansard stall. From my close association with them, I am in a position to say that no Legislative Chamber could be better served than the Senate has been by the officers and servants of the Senate and the Hansard staff. They have at all times been most willing to place themselves at the disposal of honorable senators, and to do all they possibly could to assist them. I can assure Senators Pearce and Millen that their good wishes for a pleasant Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year are heartily reciprocated. I re-echo ...- hope that when we meet again there will be a bright and cheery prospect before us, and that we shall be able to look back upon great achievements accomplished by our race during the interval, with the result that it will not in the future be called upon to face such trials as those to which it is subjected at the present time. I extend to the Ministry, the Leader of the Opposition, and every member of the Senate the most cordial greetings for the Christmas season, and I hope that we shall return rejuvenated at the close of the special adjournment. To come to purely official business, in view of the fact that it is impossible to say when the necessity for summoning Parliament together may arise, I should like honorable senators, if they are away from their usual place of residence during the adjournment to be careful to keep myself and the officers of the Senate informed of any change in their address, so that I may be able to communicate with them in the shortest possible space of time. If it should be necessary, I shall not only summon honorable senators by telegram, but if time permits I shall summon them by letter as well. In order that I may do so, I ask them to keep me informed of the address at which they can most readily be found during the adjournment. Question resolved in the affirmative.

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