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Friday, 18 December 1914

Senator RUSSELL (VICTORIA) (Assistant Minister) - The honorable senator's questions were: -

1.   What are the names of the Board who produced the built-up design of the Federal Capital?

2.   What technical or professional examination did they pass prior to entering the Commonwealth service ?

3.   What examination in professional townplanning did they pass prior to entering the Commonwealth service?

4.   What credentials (if any) have been conferred upon them by reason of their Commonwealth official position?

The following information has been supplied to me by the Department: - 1 and 2. Information regarding the personnel of the Board and some of their qualifications will be found in page 3097 of Hansard, dated 12th November, 1913. furnished in reply to a similar question. Further particulars will be obtained and supplied, if possible, before the House adjourns for the session.

3.   Examinations in town-planning were hardly in existence then, but these officers have been associated with Federal Capital matters for some years, and devoting much time to the literature and study of town-planning.

4.   See reply to Nos. 1 and 2.

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