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Friday, 4 December 1914

Senator RUSSELL (Victoria) (Assistant Minister) . - I am prepared, at a later stage, to recommit the Bill, and to accept an amendment in the form of a new clause as follows: -

Section 41 of the principal Act is amended by inserting in sub-section 1, after paragraph (b) the following words "or (c) as 'shipwright ' or ' ship's carpenter ' who has not served an apprenticeship as shipwright or three years at sea as ship's carpenter."

Then, after this Bill comes into operation, no person will be able to secure employment as a shipwright or as a ship's carpenter unless he is a qualified shipwright who has served his apprenticeship, or who has served three years at sea prior to the measure coming into force. That provision, I think, will overcome the difficulty. In these circumstances I ask leave to withdraw my amendment for the pur pose of allowing the clause to pass in the form in which it is printed.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 68 agreed to with a verbal amendment.

Title agreed to.

Motion (by Senator Pearce) proposed -

That the Bill be reported with an amendment.

Amendment (by Senator Russell) agreed to -

That the Bill be reconsidered for the purpose of amending clause 4, inserting new clauses 16a and 3a, and amending clause 46.

Clause 4 verbally amended, and agreed to as amended.

Amendment (by Senator Russell) proposed -

That the following new clause be inserted : - "16(a). Section one hundred and ninetyseven of the principal Act is amended by inserting after the words ' certificate of survey' the words, ' or a certificate under section two hundred and four of this Act.' "

Section proposed to be amended -197. The master of a steam-ship shall not take her to sea, and the owner of a steam-ship shall not, knowingly or unknowingly, suffer or permit her to go to sea, unless a certificate of survey has been granted in respect of her and is in force.....

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