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Friday, 4 December 1914

Senator MCDOUGALL - He is not ยป competent man, otherwise exception would not have been taken to his employment. Had he been a carpenter he would have been a member of the union. This butcher may be sufficient of a carpenter to enable him to do the little work which is necessary in the fitting up of troopships. But if he were employed in that capacity when a storm arose at sea, and the horses were being driven from end to end of the vessel, as I have seen them driven, I venture to say that he would not be able to cope "with the situation. At such times the services of a qualified shipwright are required. I trust that the Committee will not agree to the amendment. I am surprised that the Minister should have submitted such an amendment, because I know that he assisted in passing the section in the existing Act which is intended to prevent loss of life at sea through the employment of incompetent men as ships' carpenters.

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