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Friday, 4 December 1914

In Committee(Considerationresumed from 3rd December, vide page 1292).

Clause 67 -

Schedule II. of the principal Act is amended by inserting after the word " shipwright " (wherever occurring) the words " or ship's carpenter."

Schedule proposed to be amended -

II.(Scale of Crew).

Steam-ships. (Passenger steam-ships carrying not more than ten passengers and cargo steamships.)

All vessels over 800 tons net register to carry a shipwright. . . . . (Passenger steam-ships carrying more than ten passengers.)

All vessels over800 tons gross register to carry a shipwright.....

Sailing Ships.

All vessels over 600 tons net register to carry a shipwright.....

Amendment (by Senator Russell) again proposed -

That all the words after the word " amended " be loft out with a view to insert in lieu thereof the following words : - " by omitting the word ' shipwright ' (wherever occurring) and inserting in lieu thereof the words ' qualified shipwright or ship's carpenter.' "

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