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Thursday, 19 November 1914

Senator GARDINER (NEW SOUTH WALES) (Vice-President of the Executive Council) - I think that not only could such announcements be made here, but they should. I shall take care that, whenever an important statement has to be made, both Houses shall receive the information simultaneously.

Senator O'KEEFE - Can the Minister give the Senate any information concerning the proceedings in connexion with the raids made on other firms which have not yet been exonerated f

Senator GARDINER - Probably the following communication from the AttorneyGeneral will give the information which is desired: - -

The results of the inquiry so far have disclosed no evidence of trading with the enemy in regard to the Mount Morgan, Mount Lyell, Wallaroo and Moonta, Broken Hill North and Broken Hill South Mines, and in the cases of W. S. Robinson, J. Hickmer and Sons, The Needham Carton Pierre Company, Ostermeyer, Van Rompiey and Company, R. Ritter, and Bernard and Company. The examination is not yet complete in regard to the Broken Hill Proprietary, Australian Metal Company, Max Gorier, and F. H. Snow, and George Fettlers and Company.

Senator Millen - Is that the list which was published in this morning's newspapers ?

Senator Pearce - Yes.

Senator O'Keefe - It was given in another place yesterday.

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