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Wednesday, 18 November 1914

Senator KEATING (Tasmania) ." - I desire to repeat the question which L put to the Minister of Defence last week, in reference to the military raids which were recently conducted on business premises. I wish to know whether it is theintention of the Attorney-General or of the Minister to make any announcement in regard to the result of those raids, more particularly in the case of individuals or firms whom the raids have revealed were unjustifiably under suspicion. I do not suggest that it is desirable that the Government should announce details. of what was done or what was discovered in connexion with those raids, but wherethey revealed the innocence of any firm or firms I believe the fact should be made known as widely as possible.

Senator ALBERT GOULD (NEW SOUTH WALES) -Colonel Sir ALBERTGOULD (New South Wales) [6.15].- I desire to ask the Minister of Defence whether he has yet obtained a reply -to the> question which I put to him last week in reference to officers captured in German New Guinea t

Senator WATSON(New South Wales)

E6.16].- I wish to know what action the- 5-overnment propose to take in regard totrainees who are serving as apprentices in. various trades, and who are required to attend trade schools at night. Many of these lads have to attend the Technical College on certain nights each week, and have, therefore, either to forego their class instruction or their drill. As every drill lost means that they have to attend a double drill to make up that loss, I desire to know whether something cannot be done to remedy their position. Compulsory drill at night entails a great loss to these young men, who are endeavouring to fit themselves for the battle of life. I am not unmindful of the difficulties with which the position is surrounded, but perhaps something can be devised to overcome them.

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