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Wednesday, 18 November 1914

Senator BLAKEY asked the Minister of Defence, upon notice -

1.   Did the General Officer Commanding order vaccination of the troops on his own initiativeor upon medical advice, and, if the latter, whogave such advice ?

2.   Has the General Officer Commanding read the American Army Reports 1898-1902 relating, to the vaccination of their troops engaged iu the Philippine Islands?

3.   Is he aware that the report of the SurgeonGeneral to 30th June, 1899, contains the. following : - " Every enlisted man of the command whohad not been successfully vaccinated within the past six months, as shown by company records, or within thepersonal knowledge of his officers, was required to be vaccinated at once-' (provided he was in a physical condition to endure it), and should theoperation not prove successful it was to be repeated at intervals of twoweeks, as often as in the judgment of the surgeon in charge of the organization it was deemed necessary to fully protect against small-pox, but not less than three unsuccessful vaccinations from date of this order would be recognised as sufficient protection."

And that Chief-Surgeon Lippincott remarked, " I believe I can say that no army was ever so carefully looked after in the matter of vaccination as ours;" and reported on 31st March, 1899, " that all danger from the disease was over " f

4.   Is the General Officer Commanding aware that, notwithstanding all this vaccination, there were in the American Forces in question during 1899 no less than 267 cases of small-pox and 67 deaths, and during 1900 there were 246 -cases with the enormous proportion of 113 deaths (including 11 cases among the medical staff) ?

5.   Is the General Officer Commanding also aware that from August, 1898, when the American troops began to land in Manila, until the end of 1902, the cases of small-pox in their vaccinated forces totalled 737, or whom 261 died of the disease, and that this is a mortality rate of 35.41 per cent., or about double the average mortality in the eighteenth century before vaccination was invented ?

6.   Is the General Officer Commanding aware that vaccination is not required of the officers and men of the British Territorial Forces?

7.   Is he aware that 109 members of one company of the Somerset Light Infantry have recently signed a memorial protesting against any attempt to enforce vaccination upon them?

8.   In consideration of the matters aforesaid, is the General Officer Commanding prepared to reconsider the question of vaccinating any further contingents of troops?

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