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Friday, 23 October 1914

Senator GARDINER (New South Wales) (Vice-President of the Executive Council) .- As far as the Official Receiver is concerned, it is the intention of the Government that his duties shall partake of the character of the duties discharged by the Registrar in the New South Wales Court. I can quite understand that there may be an Official Receiver at certain places who may be an official to-day and a private individual to-morrow. But the idea underlying the Bill is that, wherever it be possible to do so, the Official Receiver shall be a permanent official.

Senator Keating - He is only an accredited practitioner of the community. The proposal of the Government is like allowing a bankrupt to file a statement of his affairs with his own solicitor.

Senator GARDINER - The honorable senator is confining himself too much to the New South Wales practice. He wishes the word " Registrar " to be substituted for the words "Official Receiver" wherever they appear. It is not our intention to agree to that proposal. We are quite prepared to provide that steps shall be taken to secure a permanent record. These can be taken just as well by the Receiving Officer as they can be by the Registrar. Indeed, it may be possible to make the Official Receiver the Registrar or vice versa. These things not only can, but will, be done in some cases. I hope that the honorable senator will allow the first portion of his amendment; to be carried, and that we shall then be able to take a division upon the other portion of it.

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