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Thursday, 22 October 1914

Senator BLAKEY (Victoria) .- A certain measure of praise is due to Senator Keating for the diligent study which he has evidently made of this Bill, and I shall be prepared to support some of the amendments which the honorable senator has suggested. I feel constrained, however, to vote against the first he has submitted. I recognise the force of the argument that Senator Senior has used, but I am not prepared to support an amendment which, in my opinion, would whittle away the powers of this Parliament. I have not very much faith in the J Justices of the High Court after their recent decision in connexion with the tramways case.

Senator Bakhap - I am afraid that that is where the shoe pinches.

Senator BLAKEY - I do not care where the shoe pinches. I must say what I believe to be correct, and I should prefer that all regulations which require to be framed under this measure should be kept within the control of the Parliament initiating this legislation. If the making of these rules is left to the Attorney-General, there will be nothing to prevent him consulting with the Justices of the High Court. Some honorable senators have said that regulations framed under Acts of the Parliament are always pigeonholed, but I know that there are members of the Senate who religiously read all the regulations sent to them.

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