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Thursday, 22 October 1914

Senator DE LARGIE (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) asked the Minister representing the Minister of Home Affairs, upon notice -

1.   Has the contract let to Mr. Teesdale Smith on the Transcontinental Railway in South Australia been completed?

2.   Was thecontract completed within the stipulated time; if not, how many working days was the contractor engaged on the works in excess of such contract time?

3.   What is the total amount already paid to Mr. Teesdale Smith on account of this contract ?

4.   Hare any penalties been imposed on Mr. Teesdale Smith; if so, what are they, and whatare the respective amounts?

5.   Is there any money still due to Mr. Teesdale Smith; if so, what is the total amount?

6.   What are the total quantities in cubic yards of excavation in cutting and side-cutting respectively; also the number ofchains of surface-forming that Mr. Smith has been or will be paid for?

7.   What are the respective rates at which these works have been paid for?

8.   Has Mr. Smith been paid for material from cuttings into embankments constructed a price in excess of the 4s. 6d. per cubic yard he tendered to do the excavation in cutting for; if so, what is the price per cubic yard?

9.   Were any works executed by Mr. Teesdale Smith other than the cuttings, embankments, and surface-forming; if so, what are they, and what are the respective quantities and rates paid for such works I

10.   Has the Department of Home Affairs purchased or entered into negotiations for purchase from Mr. Teesdale Smith of any of the plant used by him in the execution of his contract; if so, what is the price paid, or asked for it?

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