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Wednesday, 24 June 1914

Senator McCOLL - A question was asked on 18th inst. by Senator Story regarding a man named John Bawden, who wrote to the Adelaide Herald on 17th June, complaining that he had been struck off the rolls. The following is the reply: -

Mr. Bawdenhas evidently been misinformed. The Commonwealth Electoral Officer reports that the names of Mr. and Mrs. Bawden have not been removed from the roll for the subdivision of Goodwood, division of Hindmarsh.

I was asked by Senator McDougall to make inquiries in the case of Patrick Gleeson, Mr. and Mrs. White, and Mrs. Dorey and family. The replies are as follow : -

The objections were lodged by the electoral officials (who are not required under the law to pay fees), and were the result of a clerical error on the part of a temporary clerk. The error was discovered, and promptly rectified, and the notices were withdrawn.

Another matter, brought forward by Senator Findley, related to the difficulty that a person named McFarlane had in getting enrolled. The following is the reply: -

Mr. McFarlaneis under a misapprehension. His name is enrolled, and has been enrolled for a considerable time.

I was also asked by Senator McDougall whether 11,000 names had been struck off the rolls for the division of Cook. The reply is as follows: -

It is not a fact that 11,000 names have been struck off the roll for the division of Cook. The police have reported that that number of persons are not living in the subdivision for which they are enrolled, and inquiry is being made as to whether they are still living in the division of Cook, Objections will only be lodged in cases where the officers have reasonable ground for believing that the persons concerned have ceased to live in the division for a period of not less than one month, and are not merely temporarily absent.

Senator McDougall - That is what I asked. I said nothing about their being struck off.

Senator McCOLL - The question asked was if it was a fact that 11,000 names had been struck off.

Senator Rae - No. It was asked if 11,000 names had been objected to.

Senator McCOLL - On 17th June, Senator Russell asked a question as to the numbers on the rolls. The reply is -

The number of names on the rolls at the date of the last Federal elections, and the approximate number on the rolls at the present time, are shown in the following table : -

The rolls are at the present time in an active state of re-adjustment, both as regards enrolment and removal of names, and the figures in> column 3 cannot be taken as a reliable index of the enrolment for the purposes of the election.

There has been considerable activity in regard to enrolment since the 31st May last.

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