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Thursday, 28 May 1914

Shortly afterwards, he was notified by Mr. Pritchard, the secretary of the North Queensland Rifle Association, to this effect -

It is well that you should know that the Brisbane Rifle Association is now claiming the two representatives for Bisley, and practically ignoring our association. We are, of course, making a vigorous protest against this, and trust that you will yet have the honour of representing North Queensland at Bisley.

The second representative was selected from Southern Queensland, on the ground that he had an aggregate of three points more than Grosskreutz. Bagley scored 530, as against Grosskreutz's 527. On these figures it would seem that Mr. Bagley was entitled to represent Queensland; but, when the difference in the conditions, and the number of shots allowed, is pointed out, it will be seen that the score Grosskreutz compares favorably with that of Halliday, and certainly more so with that of Bagley. The conditions of the North Queensland shoot were: - Thirty shots each over 300, 600, 700, 900 yards - total, 120 shots. Gross.kreutz's score, 527. The conditions of the Southern Queensland shoot were: - Twenty-one shots each over 300, 500, 600, and thirty shots each over 900, 1,000 yards. By these figures the Southern Queensland man had 123 shots, as against Grosskreutz's 120 shots, and from .these three shots, of course, it was possible to pile up fifteen points more. By comparison, the northern man's performance was much the better. I quite realize that it is pretty hard to gauge the conditions of rifle shooting at different places. A dozen different things may enter into the matter - light, wind, and various other conditions have to be considered. But I would point out to the Minister that the same variations of conditions operate wherever these tests are made.

Senator Millen - That is why they never make a test of a man on one shoot, bub over a long period.

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