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Friday, 22 May 1914

1.   Please see report of area officer92a attached.

2.   With regard to last paragraph of report above referred to, the CO. 92nd Infantry reports as under: -

Private Clemons, C.J.S., was allotted to this regiment with the 1895 quota of trainees in July last, and was notified to parade with the others, which he did not do. He was then seen by a corporal, and notified to parade, and still did not do so. On a subsequent notice being sent, his father, Senator Clemons, came to see me, and explained the situation, when 1 at once made arrangements with Major Newell, O.C., A.A.M.C., to have Private Clemons re-examined in order to satisfy Senator Clemons. On Major Newell's instructions, Captain Thompson then examined Private Clemons in his father's presence, and passed him as " conditionally fit," and liable to training under U.T. regulations, part 5, 96. Certificate of examination herewith. Since then Private Clemons has attended parades.

That was after two years had elapsed, during which Senator Clemons' son had dodged his military training. The document continues -

With regard to the last sentence of paragraph 1, minute 1, this is absolutely untrue. At the time this accusation was made Private Clemons had not attended a parade. Further, all the 1895 quota trainees were drafted into one company and parade together, doing recruit drill from the beginning, vide instructions and regulations part 5, 104 (Instruction 27), and part 2, 177.

With regard to paragraph 2, minute 1, the doctor states there is no physical disability.

That is a crushing reply to the statement that the boy was unfit for training. The position is that Dr. Clarke Webster examined the lad in the first place, and passed him as conditionally fit. Thereupon Senator Clemons went to Dr. Irvine, who was not then an area medical officer, and obtained a certificate- that the lad was not fit for training. Here, therefore, was a successful attempt to throw an officer out of our Military Forces merely because he had done his obvious duty. I say that Senator Clemons has perpetrated a gross injustice upon Dr. Webster, which I hope he will yet remedy.

Senator Russell - The honorable senator has said that SenatorClemons' son dodged his military training for two years. Has he since made up the time thus lost, and, if not, has his father been prosecuted ?

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