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Thursday, 21 May 1914

Senator McCOLL (VICTORIA) (Vice-President of the Executive Council) - I have the following information: -

I have to advise that the finally revised map is under reference to England for a report by the Royal Geographical Society and the Admiralty. On receipt of this certifying report, which is daily expected, copies of the map will be made available.

With regard to the accuracy or otherwise of the survey of the north-west coast of Western Australia, it is known that there must be large errors in the position of parts of the coastline of Australia, and any map issued can only supply the best information available at the date of issue. The trigonometrical survey of New South Wales disclosed errors as great as eight miles in the' position of the coast-line, and it is understood that this is one of the reasons which actuated the Surveyors-General of Australia to recommend the carrying out of a geodetio survey of the coast-line. The question of the expediency of conducting such a. survey will, no doubt, be given careful consideration in the near future.

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