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Wednesday, 20 May 1914

Senator MCGREGOR (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - Then Mr. Kelly must have made a mistake.

Senator SENIOR - The statement was made without knowledge. My information comes direct from the office in Adelaide.

Senator McGregor - Mr. Kelly said that Mr. Moncrieff sent the Home Affairs Department a memorandum.

Senator SENIOR - At any rate, the statement was made that Mr. Smith was getting the same price per yard from the Commonwealth as from the South Australian Government, but South Australia does not, to my knowledge, let her railways or cuttings at so much per yard. Mr. Smith, in calculating the amount, may have worked it out on those lines, and he might show that there are so many yards at 4s. 6d. per yard. I am not prepared to say that ho did not, but the usual plan of the South Australian Government is to call for tenders for certain work to be done, the Government to supply sleepers, rails, and other necessary material, and the contractors to do the earthworks, the laying down of the sleepers, the fixing of the rails, the construction of the buildings, and other things necessary; but not to do the work at so much per yard or by piecework in the way suggested at all. What can we think of them?

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