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Friday, 8 May 1914

Senator McCOLL - On the 7th inst., Senator Keating asked a question relative to the establishment of wireless communication with King Island. The following reply has now been furnished : -

The Government has no objection to the residents of King Island arranging to use the installation established there by Father Shaw. They have already been so informed, and the Postmaster-General offered them a sum of £150 per annum towards the cost of working it.

Senator Keating - The Government ought to do this themselves, and not call upon the people there to contribute.

Senator McCOLL - In regard to the same matter, the following reply to a further question has just been handed to me : -

No formal offer to sell the wireless station at King Island to the Government for the sum of £1,250 has been received. In the first place, a verbal offer was made to the PostmasterGeneral to sell the station for £3,000. Subsequently a person who, it is understood, is now interested in the Shaw Wireless Limited, called at the office of the Engineer for Radiotelegraphy, and made a verbal offer on behalf, of his company, to sell the station in question for the sum mentioned. He was asked to put his offer in writing, but such an offer has not yet been received.

Senator Keating - Bub the Government ought to establish the station and make the people of King Island citizens of the Commonwealth.

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