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Friday, 8 May 1914

Senator KEATING (TASMANIA) asked the Minister representing the Minister of Home Affairs, upon notice -

1.   What is the present method adopted by the Government for the storage and seasoning of Australian timbers for Government use?

2.   In what States are such timbers "stored and seasoned?

3.   The descriptions of such timbers and their approximate quantities in each State?

Senator McCOLL - The answers are-

1.   The only timber at present stored is in open drying sheds, and consists of -

(a)   Timber for use by the Department of Defence in construction of gun carriages, boats, &c, and for the Postal Department for certain fittings, which it is imperative should os thoroughly seasoned. (b)Timber at Canberra for future use in construction of buildings, &c.

2.   Storage under (a), "Answer 1, is at Newington, Sydney, and Maribyrnong, Victoria. Storage under (b), Answer 1, is at Canberra.

3.   I will table the information, which is somewhat voluminous, during the day.


Senator KEATING asked the Minister representing the Minister of Home Affairs, upon notice -

1.   What is the present stage in the preparation of the official map of the Commonwealth of Australia?

2.   Is the Government aware that it is alleged that recent observations disclose that the southern portion of the West Coast of Tasmania, between Gape Sorell and Port Davey, has never been rightly delineated in ' the ac- cepted and recognised maps of the State, and that the errors are sufficiently grave to occasion a serious menace to those engaged in maritime transport?

3.   Will the Government cause inquiry to be made in this matter?.

4.   Pending such inquiry, will the Government take steps to obviate the possibility of any error in the delineation of this portion of the Tasmanian coast in the official map?

Senator McCOLL - The answers are - 1 and 2. - I would call the honorable senator's attention to report in Minister of Home Affairs' Schedule No. 17, reading -

Proofs of this map have been printed, and copies sent to the Surveyor-General of each State have been returned with corrections. These have been made on the sheets prepared by the Department of Lands, Sydney, but suggestions have not yet been received from the Admiralty or the Royal Geographical Society of England. Meanwhile new transfers are being obtained of the sheets as corrected by the Surveyors-General, and the work will be put on the stones, upon which any future corrections will be made.

It is not anticipated that the finallyrevised map will be ready for issue before June, 1914, although advance proofs may be available." The reports of the Admiralty and Royal Geographical Society, England, are not yet to hand. 3 and 4. - I will ascertain how the southern portion of West Coast of Tasmania is shown on the proof map, and draw the attention of the officers concerned to the remarks of. the honorable senator and the necessity for correct delineation.

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