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Thursday, 7 May 1914

Senator SENIOR - The AttorneyGeneral admitted years ago that there were combines.

Senator McGREGOR - Yes; the Attorney General is a sensible man, only his astuteness is smothered up by the stupidity of other men. We find that even the present Government are prepared to rush legislation in connexion with trusts and combines. Even the newspaper that supports them is to-day declaring that in Australia there is a dangerous trust or combine, although in a contemporary yesterday there was an article written by an ex-member of the Senate declaring that it was a mere Labour party cry. I want to know what the opinion of the Government is. Do they believe in what was stated long ago by Mr. W. H. Irvine and Mr. Glynn? Do they believe in what Was stated yesterday in the Argus by exSenator Chataway, or do they believe in what was stated in the Age? Do they believe that there is a combine in Australia, and that the same description of combine has fleeced, not only the consumer, but the producer in the United States and other States on the American continent? The combine has carried on the same practices there, and if they get an opportunity they can do so here. I Want to know the policy of the Government. A Bill is to be introduced.

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