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Wednesday, 6 May 1914

Senator KEATING (Tasmania) . - There are many matters which. I know honorable senators would like to have dealt with. I had intended to-day to give notice of certain questions for tomorrow, but the course which the Minister has taken prevents me from doing that, and, therefore, I wish to bring under the notice of the Government a matter which is to be made the subject of some questions by me. The questions which I had intended to ask to-morrow, and which I dare not ask now, but which I ask the Government to consider during the adjournment, read as follow -

1.   What is the present stage in the preparation of the official map of the Commonwealth of Australia ?

2.   Is the Government aware that it is alleged that recent observations disclose that the southern portion of the West Coast of Tasmania, between Cape Sorell and Port Davcy, has never been rightly delineated in the aceepted and recognised maps of the State, and that the errors are sufficiently grave tooccasion a serious menace to those engaged in maritime transport?

In fact, it has been stated to me it -has probably been the cause of wrecks the details of which we have never heard -

3.   Will the Government cause inquiry to be made in this matter?

4.   Pending such inquiry, will the Government take steps' to obviate the possibility of any error in the delineation of this portion of the Tasmanian coast in the official map?

I know that it is now very near to the time when the official map will be published. All that I want the Government to do is to make inquiries into this matter, and, if it is found that there has been an error in the past, to correct the error. I think that the line was not drawn after proper survey.

Senator Guthrie - Are you discussing, the question now?

Senator KEATING - No. I am bringing the matter before the Government for consideration. If the' map is so far advanced that it will have to be issued soon, I ask the' Government to indicate on the map, that, as far as that portion is concerned, it is not absolutely accurate,! and that in a later edition the correct' line will be properly delineated.

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