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Thursday, 31 October 1912

Senator GUTHRIE (South Australia) . - There is an omission in this clause, I think. The second proviso contains these words -

The crew shall be entitled to claim their discharge, and the master or owner shall be liable to provide them with a passage to the port of discharge.

In the case I cited the Court not only gave the men a passage, but wages. I hope thatthe Minister- will see his -way to insert the word " wages '' after' the word " passage." I wish to put honorable senators in possession of the Court's decision -

If the ship be laid up in any port other thanhis home port any seaman . may. be discharged on 24 hours' notice. But in that case the seaman shall be provided by the employer with a free passage to his home port with wages up to the time at which in due course he should arrive thereat.

That is what the Court decided is a- fair thing, but it is omitted from the Bill. I hope that the Minister will see his way to repair the omission.

Senator Pearce - I shall give that point consideration with the other.

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