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Wednesday, 30 October 1912

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN - Certainly not.

Senator Millen - Then I draw your attention to the fact that Senator Guthrie has not said that he did not so cross the floor, but that he crossed it before any names had been told.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN - I asked the honorable senator did he cross the floor after the tellers were appointed, and I want his answer to that question. .

Senator Guthrie - My answer is that I did cross after the tellers were appointed, but before any names were called.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN.The honorable senator was out of order in so doing, and he must go to the other side.

Senator Guthrie - I think it is competent for you, sir, under the Standing Orders, to call me to the table and ask me on which side I desire to record my vote.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN.No. The honorable senator must go to the other side.

Senator Guthrie - I shall take an opportunity of reversing the vote.

Question so resolved in the negative.

Request negatived.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 3 (Payments to extend overperiod of ten years).

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