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Thursday, 10 October 1912

Sapphira told the people of Warrnambool that the Labour party is against the Federal form of government. This averment of Sapphira's is a lie, and if it was the only one she had ever told, it would likely have stuck in her false throat and choked her with the convictive persistence of an Adam's apple. She said, too, that the Labour party loaded the primary producer with a double tax.If is probable that this cryptic allusion of Sapphira is to the People's party lie that the State Land Tax, with which, in a spirit of revenge, Murray hit the farmers, is the work of the Labour party. If that is what Sapphira said, meant, or inferred, then she is the most impudent liar that sniffed the atmosphere of this planet since Leathersnout died. I think he is probably one of Balzac's characters -

The Stale land tax was the work of Murray and his gang. That is unchallengeably true. If Sapphira believes she ' statesthe truth, let her put up£100 and it will be promptly covered with another £100 by the party, which is prepared to prove that, politically, she is a wilful and malicious liar. But she is like the crowd to which she belongs; her programme is a programme of wind, and she attempts to deceive the people with blatant falsehoods. When she and others of her class are bowled out and convicted of trying to gull the electors for the lowest party purposes, they have never the decency to apologise. They simply pass on with the sullenness of routed pigs to the consummation of further mischief.

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