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Friday, 19 July 1912

Senator DE LARGIE (Western Australia) . - We are all satisfied, I think, that Senator Sayers is endeavouring to improve the clause. He has been extremely industrious, and has made a variety of proposals. I am afraid that his fluctuating frame of mind prevents him from arriving at a definite conclusion. He has submitted a host of proposals, one against the other, and he still seems to be in doubt as to which is the better one.

Senator Sayers - No, I am satisfied as to which is the better one.

Senator DE LARGIE - I agree that if we could abolish resort to the Police Court it would be much better for the service. We all recognise the danger, and possibly the stigma, which may attach to a lad who is taken to a Police Court, or even to a


Children's Court. The remarks of Senator Sayers suggest to my _ mind that he wants to avoid that possibility as far as it can be done, and also to remove the possibility of any discrimination being shown by a magistrate between one boy and another. The only method which I can see for achieving that object is, not the one which he has proposed, but a fixed scale of fees or penalties to suit the offences. That would certainly obviate the necessity of going to a Court at all.

Senator Sayers - Oh, no. This clause cannot be carried out without going to a Court.

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