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Wednesday, 3 July 1912

Senator McGREGOR (South Australia .) (Vice-President of the Executive Council) . - I beg to move -

That the Senate do agree to the following resolutions : -

1.   That the Senate records its sense of the loss the Commonwealth has suffered in the death of Senator William Russell, and expresses its sincere condolence with his widow and family in their bereavement.

3.   That the President be requested to convey the foregoing resolution to Mrs. Russell.

In submitting this motion I feel certain that I have the sympathy of every honorable senator here, and I know that I have also the sympathy of those who are not here, who always had the highest respect for the late senator. Although at times he may have been very emphatic in the expression of his opinions, yet I believe that every honorable senator recognised that he always spoke from the heart; that he was in earnest in whatever he did, and was moved by the best of intentions. My acquaintance with the late senator extended over the last twenty-five years, I had parliamentary associations with him, not. only in the Senate, but also in the Parliament of the State from which he came. He was always a sturdy advocate of the principles in which he believed. He expressed his opinions fearlessly, and I may add fairly, and the country suffers a great loss whenever such men are taken away. Of course, Senator W. Russell had reached a fairly ripe age, but, in ordinary circumstances, there should have been many years of useful work before him. He was So ardent in his work that he really sacrificed his health in the service of his country in carrying out what I consider to be the duty of every parliamentary representative, endeavouring to put before the people the principles which he advocated, and to gain their support in that way. We have also to extend our sympathy to his widow and his family - citizens of whom any State might be proud. Senator W. Russell was a good citizen, a good husband, and a good father, and I am sure that every senator here, as well as every citizen of the Commonwealth, regrets the loss of such a man. I have much pleasure in proposing the motion.

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