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Tuesday, 19 December 1911

Senator McGREGOR (South Australia) (Vice-President of the Executive Council) . - In reply to Senator Ready, I desire to say that it was the intention of the Minister of Trade and Customs to levy a separate duty upon the chassis. But such representations were made to him by members of another place, and by persons outside of this Parliament, that he recognised the impossibility of carrying it. Of course, it is open to Senator Ready to move for the re-insertion of that duty, if he so desires. In reply to the remarks of Senator Gould, I have only to say that if he will move for the abolition of the ad valorem duty in the case of run-about cars, I am prepared to accept fixed duties in lieu thereof, of£17 under the General Tariff, and of£15 under the Tariff for the United Kingdom. I am also willing to forego the other ad valorem duties, and to substitute for them fixed duties in the case of the ordinary motor car - four-seated and otherwise - of £2410s. under the General Tariff, and of£21 under the Tariff for the United Kingdom. In the case of the larger cars, I am ready to adopt fixed duties of£42 under the General Tariff, and of under the Tariff for the United Kingdom. I am sure the Department will welcome fixed duties as they would be much more easily administered. With respect to Senator Vardon's suggestion that an. ad valorem duty, based upon the proposed duty on bodies and the duty on chassis, should be imposed on completed cars imported, I do not know how that would work, how it would suit the Department, or what its effect would be, but I can assure the honorable senator that his suggestion will be noted, inquiry will be made, and it will be borne in mind when any readjustment of the duties on motor vehicles is proposed. It is for the Committee to accept either of the propositions before it, but I have stated that which the Government support.

Request (by Senator Mcdougall) proposed -

That the House of Representatives be requested to amend the item by leaving out subitems D and E, and inserting in lieu thereof the following sub-items - " (D) Motor Cars, Lorries, and Waggons -

(1)   Bodies, including Dashboards, Footboards and Mudguards, ad vol. (General Tariff), 35 per cent. ; (United Kingdom), 30 per cent. and on and after 15th December,1911 -

(D)   Bodies of Motor Cars, Lorries, and Wag| gons, including Dashboards, Footboards and Mudguards -

(1)   Single Seated Bodies, each (General Tariff),£17; (United Kingdom), £15.

(2)   Double Seated Bodies, each (General Tariff),£24 10s. ; (United Kingdom),£21.

(3)   Bodies with fixed or movable canopy tops, e.g., Landaulette, Limousine, Taxi-cab, and similar types, and n.e.i., each (General Tariff), £42; (United Kingdom), £36.

(e)   Chassis of Motor Cars, Lorries, and Waggons (but not including rubber tyres), ad val. (General Tariff), 5 per cent. ; (United Kingdom), free.

(f)   Aeroplanes, free."

Senator GIVENS(Queensland [10.45]. - I hope the Committee will not agree to the request, which involves a considerable reduction upon the duties proposed in the schedule. The main object of these duties is to insure the construction of the bodies of these vehicles in the Commonwealth. The highest duty proposed by Senator McDougall is £42, but the proposal in the Bill of 35 and 30 per cent, would give a more effective protection for the benefit of body-builders, painters, varnishers, upholsterers, and others engaged in the work in Australia.

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