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Monday, 18 December 1911

Senator MILLEN (New South Wales) . - I am at a loss to reconcile the statements made by the Vice-President of the Executive Council and by Senator Pearce. We have been informed that, as the Tariff stood before the introduction of these amendments, the duty on raw ginger was 2d., and on preserved ginger 3d.; but under the new proposal ginger in brine will pay id., with the object of increasing the measure of protection to those who preserve ginger.

Senator Pearce - I said that green ginger was1d. per lb. under item 57, and crystallized ginger was 3d. We are reducing the duty on ginger in brine from 2d. to 1d. There are 10 lbs. to the gallon. If we left the duty on ginger in brine, there would be a duty of1s. 8d. per gallon.

Senator MILLEN - The Minister means that the amendment will effect that alteration?

Senator Pearce - Yes.

Senator Lt.-Colonel Sir ALBERTGOULD (New South Wales) [5.21].- As the Chairman has ruled that the Committee can make amendments in portions of the original Tariff that are not before us in the Bill, I take it that I am at liberty to move an amendment upon paragraph a of item 54?

The CHAIRMAN - No. I do not propose to accept any amendments upon portions of the Tariff which do not affect proposals contained in the Bill. I accepted the Minister's request, because it affected sub-items of the Tariff which are before us in the Bill. That is to say, the schedule before us deals with sub-items e, f, g, h, and 1 of item 54. But, clearly, if we could go back to a portion of item 54 in the original Tariff preceding the sub-items mentioned in the schedule, we should be getting into the position which Senator Gould himself contended was out of order.

Senator Lt Colonel Sir ALBERT GOULD - I wish to follow out what I took to be the ruling of the Chairman in connexion with this matter. If the two lines of the original Tariff immediately preceding the lines in the Bill are before the Committee, it appears to me that previous sub-items of the item are also before the Committee. I wish to have a clear and distinct understanding on that point. I understand the Chairman to rule now that anything that will tend to elucidate the particular portion of an item proposed to be amended can be dealt with ' by the Committee. We may have to deal with another item as to which some honorable senator may desire to move a request under similar circumstances.

The CHAIRMAN - Obviously, if the circumstances are the same as these, a request can be moved.

Request agreed to.

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