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Thursday, 7 December 1911

Senator STEWART (QUEENSLAND) asked the VicePresident of 'the Executive Council, upon notice -

1.   Has the attention of the Government been drawn to the arrival of 1,455 immigrants by the Gothic on Monday last, 4th December?

2.   In view of such a great influx of workers, and of the scarcity of land available for settlement, does the Government propose to so increase the Commonwealth Land Value Tax as to hasten the breaking up of the large estates throughout Australia, and in that way provide sufficient opportunities of settlement; and, if so, when?

3.   In view, further, of this large addition to the labour forces of the Commonwealth, does the Government propose to so alter the Tariff as to make it industry-creating, instead of revenueproducing as at present, and so provide enlarged opportunities of employment ; and, if so, when ?

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