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Friday, 24 November 1911

Senator McGREGOR (South Australia) (Vice-President of the Executive Council) . - I do not think, from whathas already been said, that there is any reason why any one should imagine that the Government do not intend to carry all the business which might legitimately be dealt with in the present session. There is no occasion to compare the work of a Minister with the work of men lumping wheat on the wharves or navvying. I have had experi ence of all these things, and I know which is the easier job. I do not require to be reminded of it. Still, it is possible to work members of Parliament and. Ministers to death. It is absurd to suppose that the only duty of a member of Parliament or of a Minister is to be present wrangling with others in the legislative chambersHave they no duties to the electors or to the general public? Would Senator Gardiner like to be deprived of every opportunity of putting his views before his constituents? Would he like to leave them like sheep that have gone astray, to forget who he was? That would be the result of our sitting here on six days in the week. If an honorable senator has any interest in the political concerns of the country, he must endeavour to educate its, people, as well as to sit and argue in Parliament. I would like every honorable senator to understand that the duties of a member of Parliament are not confined to attending here in session. If there is any necessity to come back after Christmas, the Government will put no obstacle in the way.. They will endeavour to carryout their programme; and, as I have stated, they will, if necessary, sit on Mondays,and also in the mornings, in fact, occupy all the time, and endeavour to complete the work. If the work is not done before Christmas, then honorable senators will have an opportunity to return and complete it after Christmas ; but it has to be done.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

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