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Thursday, 12 October 1911

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN - The honorable senator has repeated that statement in my hearing at least forty different times. 1 ask him to desist, and to discuss the amendment before the Committee.

Senator GARDINER - I think I must have repeated the statement about twice as often as you, sir, have stated, but I think you have overlooked the fact that each time 1 repeated it, I used it as the basis of a fresh argument. When I used the statement first, I directed attention to the fact that the Minister has purposely left out of this Bill any reference to the disposal of decorations given for services rendered in this Parliament. On another occasion, I used it, as you, sir, will probably recollect, to refer to medals that might be as old as Senator St Ledger's arguments. The Minister has not deigned to answer the question I. put to him, and I must accept the ruling of the Chair, and look for some new ground on which to discuss the clause. There are ample grounds on which it may be discussed. If this amendment is carried the Minister will still be compelled to recommit, or else send the Bill to another place with inconsistencies upon the face of it. Had the Minister thought it worth while to answer the question that I put to him, I should not have spoken again : but, apparently, he is not inclined to treat me as he would treat other members of the Senate. I suppose I deserve it, though I do not know why I should incur the anger of the honorable senator.

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