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Friday, 6 October 1911

Senator MCDOUGALL (New South Wales) . - I am surprised at the sympathy which has been exhibited by Senator Gardiner for a certain class of legal traffickers in articles of this description. I have no sympathy for them. I have lived in a very poor neighbourhood all my life, and I fully recognise what a curse pawnbrokers are. In my capacity, as a justice of the peace, I have frequently had occasion to attest the affidavits of persons who have lost the tickets of articles which they have pledged. From my own personal knowledge I can say that these legal traffickers make paltry advances, even upon men and women's clothing. These articles are pawned at the beginning of the week and released at the end of it. The less that a community has to do with such a class the better. I would like to see the pawnbrokers wiped out entirely. I hope that the Bill will be passed, and that, at least, one spoke will be put in the wheel of these legal traffickers for whom Senator Gardiner has so much sympathy.

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