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Friday, 6 October 1911

Senator VARDON (South Australia) . - I quite agree with what has been said about this and the next clause. I do not think that this Bill can be of much use, but what is desired is to prevent a person displaying a decoration which he did not win in order, it may be, to excite the sympathy of people around him. Why should a man be prohibited from selling a medal or decoration because of some sentimental value attaching to it ? A collector of such articles may be willing to give for one of these decorations very much more than its intrinsic value, and if the owner would be very glad to get more than its intrinsic value for it in order to relieve his necessities, I do not see why he should be prevented from disposing in that way of .what is his own property, given to him for services rendered to the State. We should strike out clauses 3 and 4, and it will be sufficient if we pass clause 5, which will prevent a person, not entitled to do so, wearing any of these decorations.

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