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Friday, 11 November 1910

Senator McCOLL (Victoria) .- I recognise with the last speaker that we ought not to raise unnecessary opposition to this Bill. I feel just as strongly as I did on a previous occasion that this new Parliament, in which there is such a large accession of new representatives of the people should have had a voice in the selection of the Federal Capital. I also think that we should not rush into expenditure for which there is no need, and that the question of the Federal Capital might have been held over for a considerable time to come. I do not think that it is creditable to Parliament as a whole, that such an important matter should have been settled on a tie vote. It would have been much more satisfactory if further time had been given, and further consideration devoted to the question.

Senator McGregor - It was the honorable senator's vote that determined the selection of Yass-Canberra.

Senator McCOLL - I know, but I was " jammed up " between two sides then. The site that honorable senators opposite were all wanting was the one for which none of them voted. That was about the most glaring piece of political hypocrisy I have ever had experience of.

Senator de Largie - The honorable senator is the last man in this Parliament who should talk like that.

Senator McCOLL - This is a new Parliament, and should have had a voice in the matter. However, I recognise with Senator Givens that the question has been settled, and therefore I do not intend to oppose this Bill.

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