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Thursday, 3 November 1910

Senator MILLEN (New South Wales) - I have not the slightest objection to the proposal of the Honorary Minister to recommit the Bill. Indeed, I had intended to submit a motion to that effect myself. I understand that the Government are now willing to accept two amendments to which they previously objected.' But, when the Government seek the recommittal of a Bill, I think it is due to the Committee that they should furnish honorable senators with their reasons for so doing. The Honorary Minister has treated us very cavalierly in this matter.

Senator Findley - The Vice-President of the Executive Council has charge of the Bill, and, as he moved the adoption of the report, he was prevented from submitting a motion for the recommittal of the measure.

Senator MILLEN - But any honorable senator who proposes the recommittal of a Bill is under an obligation to inform the Committee of the reasons which impel him to take that course. However, the interjection of the Honorary Minister is really an admission that there is something in the complaint which I have launched, and, therefore, I shall say no more about it. I had intended to move the recommittal of the measure myself, because I wish to secure an amendment of clause 11 by striking out the words " after the thirtieth day of June but." That will have the effect of making the clause apply to any agreement or lease which was made or entered into prior to 30th September.

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