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Thursday, 13 October 1910
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Senator SAYERS (Queensland) - - Before a division is taken, I wish to remind the Minister that, when it was first moved, he seemed to sympathize with this amendment, and asked me to submit it in connexion with this clause. Senator Guthrie promised to support me if I did so.

Senator Guthrie - Not this amendment.

Senator SAYERS - Of course, this amendment was not drafted then, but the other one was handed to the Parliamentary Draftsman to be put in proper form. On a previous occasion, when I asked that 140 cubic feet of air space should be allowed to each passenger, the honorable senator said, " I will support an amendment for that purpose, but let it be moved in its proper place, and that is at the end of clause 269." I intend to call for a division in order that the public may see what, the promises of certain honorable senators are worth.

Senator GUTHRIE(South Australia^ [8-53l- - It has been stated by Senator Sayers that I made a promise to support this amendment.

Senator Sayers - So the honorable senator did.

Senator GUTHRIE - On the last occasion, when the honorable senator raised this question. I said that it ought to be raised on the clause dealing with passenger accommodation. I told the honorable senator that I was prepared to consider any amendment in connexion with that clause, not that I would support it. Was I likely to pledge myself then to something which had not been drafted? Does the honorable senator expect that ships which are not sea-going are likely to provide this amount of accommodation ? If we make this amendment, the Government will have to frame a regulation requiring 140 cubic feet of air space per passenger and four-berth cabins in every ship afloat.

Senator Sayers - That is a quibble.

Senator GUTHRIE - No. The bay ships, for instance, would be called upon to provide four-berth cabins for the passengers whom they carried down the bay. Does the honorable senator "think that I would be foolish enough to commit myself to support a proposal of that kind ? There are hundreds of boats sailing' our coast today which make day passages, and on which berthing accommodation is not necessary.

Senator Sayers - The honorable senator knows that none of these regulations concerns ships employed in rivers or harbors.

Senator GUTHRIE - If the amendment is carried, any regulation will have to be made in accordance with its terms. I do not care who the draftsman of it was, but I should like to know what instruction he received.

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