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Thursday, 13 October 1910
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The CHAIRMAN - That remark was disorderly.

Senator NEEDHAM - The honorable senator was not then sitting down, but was about to sit down. Leaving that aside, my honorable friend is getting very fidgety.

Senator Sayers - I do not like a man to stand up and make a false statement.

Senator NEEDHAM - No; the honorable senator reminds me of a blow-fly. He blows a lot, but there is nothing in it.

Senator Sayers - What about a sandfly?

Senator NEEDHAM - The honorable senator makes much more noise than does a sand-fly.

Senator Sayers - But a sand-fly stings.

Senator NEEDHAM - The honorable senator was talking about dynamite and coal.

Senator Sayers - I rise to a point of order. I do not wish the honorable senator to put into my mouth words which I did not use. I spoke about dynamite, but not about coal.

Senator de Largie - What is the point of order?

Senator Sayers - My point of order is that Senator Needham has made a misstatement.

The CHAIRMAN - If Senator Needham has stated that Senator Sayers used certain words which he did not use, I have no doubt that Senator Needham will withdraw.

Senator NEEDHAM - I have yet to learn, sir, ihat I put into the mouth of Senator Sayers any_ words which he did not use.

Senator Sayers - An interjection about coal was made across the chamber; but I only spoke about dynamite.

Senator NEEDHAM - If I have offended the honorable senator by saying that he used the word " coal," I withdraw that word and substitute the word "gas." Until we reach that period of civilization when vessels can be propelled by means other than coal, I contend that the amendment moved by Senator Stewart, and supported by Senator Sayers, is absurd, because it would necessitate the posting of a notice at the head of her gangway or at the booking-office that coal was on board the ship. Neither honorable senator has refuted any of the arguments adduced. I hope that the amendment will be rejected.

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